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Neverland is 15th Painless Destiny album.

Even it sounds mostly exactly the same as all the previous ones, it was still for me much harder to release and publish.

This album has been made a long, long time ago (2013 or 2014?) but somehow this has felt incredible hard for me to release. Even it was ready, I always felt lack of confidence about this one. You know, feelings like "I cannot use this melody, I have used it already, I cannot use this pattern, I have used this one too, I cannot use this progression because it is not unique, this sound quality is terrible and if I listen it loud enough I can hear annoying quality mistakes where I should use better EQ" etc.

Finally I decided that I have to let it go. If I always wait the moment when I am perfectly happy with this album, I will never release this or anything at all as a Painless Destiny. I had to make a decision which really matters most for me - a way to express myself and my feelings through my music, or seek for a perfection and uniqueness in art in general?

A lust for perfection kills the flame of a soul if we let it do so, so it just better (at least for me) to let it go and accept that the perfection is just an imaginary state what I will never reach. I'd rather live with my passion for music making than seek the perfection which can never be found - at least if you see the world same way as I do.

So yes, there is melodies that I might have used before. And yes, chord progressions are nothing new and nothing unique. And yeah, sound quality might be not good enough. Still I have to move on and accept that it will never be so good that I would be always happy with it.

Hopefully you can enjoy this album!

Best regards,
Aleksi / Painless Destiny


released May 1, 2015



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